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Jurassic Seas Launch at Sealife Brighton

Yesterday afternoon Miss CCL and myself were invited to the Sea Life Centre in Brighton for a preview of the new Jurassic Seas Launch.

We first took a long look around the many tanks full of sea creatures, before heading off to the triple-screened digital dinosaur interactive display which was very impressive and a big hit with everyone. Miss CCL had a go at trying to control the lifelike dinosaurs which appear to swim in front of you with her hand movements, it takes a little skill but for a 4 year old she not only enjoyed it immensely but got the hang of it quickly.

Jurassic Seas is now open at the Brighton Sea Life Centre, but there is also so much more to see and do,  we even got to hold a dinosaur tooth, that would certainly need a lot of toothpaste to clean it!

You can find Sea Life Brighton on the seafront opposite Brighton Pier, open daily from 10-5 (10-6 on school holidays), take a look at the visitor map here for a taste of what is on offer.

Thank you to Sea Life Brighton for our complimentary tickets to the Jurassic Seas Launch, one very excited 4 year old loved and wants to go visit the fishes again!


My Sunday Photo/Silent Sunday


Happy, Healthy Belated New Year!

I've been a little unwell since the new year, a combination of too many celebrations, too little sleep and running on adrenaline in the mad run up to Christmas and all that entailed with school functions and all their text missives that need immediate actioning!

When you have a small child you don't get the chance to rest and recouperate, just taking her to and picking her up from school in the cold and damp is enough to set you back.  A drenching (literally) or two were the last two straws this week.

I cannot wait for some Spring sunshine and lighter mornings, getting up before 7am when it is still pitch black is demoralising when you feel under par, but a huge bonus is seeing the sun rise over the sea view from our house.  I will get my camera out one of these mornings and capture it.

I rarely get unwell so this new year has had me slowing down and getting a lot of extra sleep along with a truckload of natural remedies and I think I should buy shares in those very popular throat lozenges!  Or maybe I've been made to sing Let It Go too many times!

So here's to getting a little less of this (and I know we have been fortunate so far this winter and missed the snow).......

and a bit more of this .....

And now I'm on the mend nearly half way through January, maybe I can put some of my goals for this year into place and start working on them!

Happy, Healthy Belated New Year to you all

Happy New Year
Beach Photography

Christmas Eve 2014

Sunny and breezy on Christmas Eve 2014, love the beach at Christmas rain, snow or shine!


Hillarys Craft Event in Brighton

I was invited to an craft event recently arranged by Hillarys and the Joe Blogs Network held in Taj’s Tea Parlour, a quaint venue with a vintage vibe in the heart of Brighton's Lanes.  

The event was led by Kirsty of Make do and Trend, a Sussex based craft workshop specialist who had provided a couple of crafty bunting and bauble making activities for a crowd of Sussex bloggers to attempt with Hillarys fabrics.

Our first task was to create bunting with the provided pre-cut material, glue and rope, this is a really easy and effective way of making bunting fast.  I am bunting crazy and have made many buntings previously which adorn our house and garden periodically but this was by far the easiest with no sewing involved!  

Tea and Christmas tree shaped biscuits were then served before we got onto the job of making an intricate bauble.  This proved to be a little challenging but we all got there in the end!  

Thanks to Hillarys, Joe Blogs Blogger Network and Taj's Tea Parlour for hosting an enjoyable afternoon.


My Sunday Photo

This was today (Saturday), Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and we have glorious sunshine!


Y is for .... The Alphabet Photo Project

Y  this week is for Yachts, a lovely sight from the Marina Boardwalk whilst eating lunch on a sunny day all year round, especially this year - 20 degrees today and nearly November!

Linking up with The Alphabet Photo Project


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